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 Value Kard Rewards! The only online kamping rewards program that rewards you for what you love to do - kamp with KOA!

Not a Member Yet? Here's What's In It For You!

 Rewards. Savings. Exclusive Services.

It's simple: You'll save 10% every time you kamp at any KOA Kampground - plus, you'll be earning KOA Kamping Points good for KOA Kamping Rewards! After you've earned enough Kamping Points, you can redeem them for Kamping Rewards that can be used for savings  on kamping fees at any KOA Kampground in North America.

Additionally, as a member of KOA Value Kard Rewards, you'll receive exclusive services through the program.

Here's what you'll get!

  • Earn Kamping Points for each stay at any KOA Kampground *
  • Turn your points into Rewards for future kamping at KOA!


  • Save 10% every time you kamp at KOA*
  • Get special members-only savings offered by KOA Value Kard Rewards program partners

Exclusive Services!

  • With your member profile and credit card information** secured on file, reservations and registrations are quick and easy
  • Earn your way to FREE VIP STATUS and get even more Kamping Points with each KOA stay!

 ** Credit card on file is optional



Earn points for kamping rewards.

It's very simple: each time you stay at a KOA Kampground®, you earn points. After you've earned enough points, you can redeem them for reward certificates on your next KOA stay. Members earn points at three levels.

You'll begin earning points for qualifying KOA stays right away when you purchase your Value Kard Rewards membership. We'll give you 500 FREE Quick Start points to get you started!

Members earn points at three levels.

  • Base points
    Everyone begins earning points at the base level.
  • Bonus points
    Kamp More—Earn More! Once you earn 6,500 points in a membership year you’ll begin earning bonus points equal to base plus 10% until your membership anniversary date.
  • VIP points
    More Points for Frequent kampers! When you reach 20,000 points during your membership year, you achieve VIP status. You’ll begin earning points at the VIP bonus rate of base plus 25%. When you reach VIP status you are automatically upgraded; no need to worry about saving, tracking, or sending in your receipts. (Your VIP status is FREE, as long as you earn 20,000 points each year.)



# of Points Earned   $20.01-
 $60.00+  Example:
Points Earned*
(on daily site charges)
 600   900  1300  2100
(at 6,500 points)
 660  990  1,430  2,310
(at 20,000 points)
 750  1,125  1,625  2,625

*This column shows the number of points you would earn in each earning level under the following scenario: You stay a total of three nights at a KOA. Two nights have a daily site charge of $38 (before savings discount), and one night has a daily site charge of $42 (before savings discount).




Earn even more points.

  • Quick Start points
    You’ll receive 500 points just for joining the Value Kard Rewards program—your account will be credited upon sign-up.
  • Instant points
    Annually, KOA will randomly award a total of 50 million points to Value Kard Rewards members at check-in. If you’re a lucky member, you could receive 250-1,000 free points every time you check in.
  • Points for booking reservations at
    Receive 250 points every time you book your reservation online at


Points translate into rewards.

Redeem points for rewards:


Reward Points Required
$10 6,500 points
$25 15,000 points
$50 28,000 points

Rewards are good for dollars off kamping at any KOA Kampground at any time. There are NO blackout dates or ineligible sites for Value Kard Rewards members.

Activating and redeeming your rewards

To activate a reward:
Log on to, then your VKR homepage. Cash in your points and your certificate will be emailed to you. You can print the certificate but all you really need is the certificate #. 
You can wait until your register. The kampground can take your points and apply them to your stay as you register.

To redeem a reward:
Once you have activated a reward, you have 45 days to redeem your reward at any KOA Kampground. Reward certificates expire after 45 days from activation.


Member-only savings.

10% savings on daily registration fees at every KOA Kampground 

Valuable member-only offers from Value Kard Rewards program partners like:

  • 50% Off RV Roadhelp from Allstate
  • 15% Off Coleman products
  • Cruise America
  • Patch Family Games
  • Essex Credit
  • New KOA Directory mailed to your house each March



We’ll know you when you check in.

As a Value Kard Rewards member, you’re a known KOA friend and kamper. With your personal information, credit card information† and kampsite preferences in our system — reservations and check-in are fast and easy so we can get you settled in a snap.
†Credit card on file is optional

Keep track online — it’s password-protected.

Visit your password - protected member section on anytime to check your points, reservations and kamping history. And, you’ll have member-only access to Value Kard Rewards partner offers every time you log in.

Spend a little, earn a lot.

For just $24, you can join the KOA Value Kard Rewards program at any KOA Kampground, online at, or call us direct at 1-888-KOA-0000 (1-888-562-0000). Once your membership is activated, you’ll be able to access your account information online at the password-protected Value Kard Rewards member section at


Program Terms and Conditions


  • Points will be awarded based only upon the value of the member’s daily site charges (before program savings discount) for nights stayed.
  • ONE site per member. 
  • No points will be awarded for nights with a daily site charge of less than $20. 
  • Discounted monthly, seasonal or other long-term rates, do not qualify for points. 
  • For all nights that include the program discount and have an additional promotional or campground discount and have an additional promotional or campground discount, e.g., Hot Deals, package nights, etc., 250 points will be awarded. 
  • No points will be awarded for other charges such as extra person, pets, cable, phone, visitor fee, etc. 
  • Points will be posted to a member’s account within 24 hours of checkout. 
  • Members will lose their points if they don’t renew their membership within 60 days of their expiration date. 
  • Memberships renewed within the 60 day grace period are valid for one year from the original membership expiration date. 
  • Points may not be combined or transferred between members. 
  • Points earning levels, earning methods, posting timelines and expiration rules are subject to change.


  • Members must activate rewards prior to redemption. 
  • Rewards expire 45 days from the date of activation. 
  • Rewards are non-transferable. 
  • Rewards are valid only for daily registration fees and cannot be used for monthly or seasonal registrations. 
  • Rewards have no cash value, no cash or points back. 
  • The maximum amount of rewards that a member may redeem in a stay at any KOA is $100. 
  • When redeeming rewards, members must present a reward certificate or an electronic reward certificate code at time of registration. 
  • All reward certificates are validated electronically upon use at registration and may not be used again. 
  • The reward amount will be applied to the first night. 
  •  If the reward amount exceeds the daily registration fees of the first night, the balance of the reward amount will apply to daily registration fees for subsequent nights. 
  • For nights in which a reward is redeemed, points will only be awarded if the difference between the daily site charge and the reward amount is $20 or more. 
  • Rewards may be used in conjunction with other discounts or offers such as Hot Deals or campground packages. 
  • A member may return an activated but unused reward for a points refund. 
  • Return transactions must be handled by phone through the program phone number.   
  • Points will be credited to the member’s account within two business days following the return transaction.


  • Members receive a 10% savings discount on daily registration fees at ALL KOA Kampgrounds. 
  • Discount applies to one site per card; excludes discounted, monthly and seasonal rates. 
  • If the card is purchased at a KOA Kampground upon registration, the maximum savings benefit for the stay in which the membership is purchased is equal to the annual membership cost. 
  • Members will receive a 10% savings discount on daily registration fees for subsequent KOA stays. 
  • Maximum savings limit does not apply to memberships renewed no more than 60 days past membership expiration date.